Types of treatment

Are there different types of braces?

Braces differ from one another in many ways. How they attach to the teeth varies. Most attach on the cheek side of the teeth, while some attach on the tongue side. These are called "lingual" braces.
fixni kovovy v ustech Braces vary in appearance. Some braces are clear, nearly invisible, while others are made of stainless steel and may or may not have colored elastics around them. All braces are designed to enable the orthodontist to move teeth in three dimensions. The mechanics or techniques used for moving teeth vary as well.
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Metal brackets Ceramic brackets
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Lingual brackets Removable functional appliance
lingvalni technika fixni funkcni

Invisalign brackets
invis align

The most common malocclusions

Reverse overjet Reverse overjet of central incisor
obraceny skus zakus stredniho rezaku
Crowding of incisors Open bite
stesnani rezaku otevreny skus
Increased overjet Cross bite
predkus zkrizeny skus


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