Dental hygiene

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About your hygienist: Markéta Štorová Dis.


I am from Ústí nad Labem, where I have completed school for dental hygienists. During my studies I have attended a lot of extra courses and seminars and after graduation I have started working in private dental practice. I like to be a dental hygienist a lot and that is why I don´t mind to travel to work.
Dental hygienist is a part of a modern dental team. Your dentist, takes care mostly of caries - results of inadequate care of your teeth; job of dental hygienist is to help you forerun such problems. She does preventive treatment such as showing you a correct brushing technique, flossing, use of solo brush, removing pigments and developed tartar on your teeth + she does a regular recall visits.

Frequently asked questions:

Which toothbrush is the best? Is it possible to treat periodontitis and is it hereditary? Why do you remove tartar from my teeth? How can I brush my teeth properly and which toothpaste should I use? How to take care of my bridge, crown, veneer or denture?
For all of these question exists an answer:
I will answer all of your questions and examine your gums and teeth. After this I will tell you what your problems are and suggest a treatment. I will remove tartar and pigments from your teeth ( with ultrasound + hand instruments) and polish your fillings. Then I will show you a proper brushing technique with correct toothbrush and we will practice it together.
Recall visits are then recommended to keep up achieved results.

I am looking forward to see you.

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